Simple card with zoom in background on mouse hover for multiple components

Hello everyone, I have an issue on figma about making a simple card with zoom in effect,
not much about making it is quite easy, is more for the child components that I’m getting the issue.

Let me explain,
When i create a component with 2 variants, first one with the image, second one with the same image zoomed, just make the animation and that’s all.

If I use the same component (child component) and replace the images I still get the image of the main component while hovering the card on the prototype.

So is anyone found a solution to this? I really can’t make tons of variants with different images that’s a lot of work

Thanks to all


Please check the name of the layers of the main component and the child component. If both the names are different then you might get this problem.

Another problem might be that the connections between those varients would be different. So Please check that the connections are properly done.

layers has same name, and also child component are same,
connection is in place too.

So not sure why I still get this issue here, maybe we can’t use a rectangle with image in it but make a mask instead ?