Shortcut (Alt + 4) to open new plugins panel

In line with Alt + 1 (Layers), Alt + 2 (Assets), Alt + 3 (Libraries), Alt + 9/8/0 (Design/Prototype/Inspect) I suggest that Figma should add Alt + 4 shortcut for the new installed/recent plugins panel.

Shift + I doesn’t remember last selected tab of the new Resources panel so it always opens components. Currently the fastest way to open the Plugins panel is via search:

  1. Cmd/Ctrl + /
  2. Type “fm”
  3. Press Enter

It would be much quicker if this panel had a shortcut. I currently use Alt + 4 via Better Touch Tool and it’s much better, I think a native shortcut would be super useful.

@Marcin_Wichary I know you are into shortcuts so maybe you can help sort this out. :slight_smile:


@Gleb this should remember your last selected tab—are you still noticing this isn’t the case?

Now it does, thanks.

I actually came to the forum because I had the opposite problem :sweat_smile:.

I’m used to using this shortcut for component insertion because I just use quick actions /self-defined shortcuts for plug-ins. But I had to install one plug-in and then it threw me off the next time I used Shift + I just trying to insert a component again.

I would personally prefer a separate shortcut for the plugin window rather than remembering what I last used. Not sure what everyone else thinks!


I agree 100%!

Turns out this is not synced between files. So as soon as you visit another file or simply reload the one you are working in, the preference for plugins is reset and the Shift + I menu opens components by default. So that’s pretty useless. And not having a shortcut for plugins specifically is super weird.

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I like the original proposal, but because I use ChromeOS, I would like to add a request to make sure that the assigned shortcuts will work on all platforms, or to make alternatives available.

(Currently, Alt + 1/2/etc. are reserved for opening apps in the ChromeOS shelf.)

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I agree. A separate shortcut for the plugin tab (and widget tab) would be great.

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