Sharing a Figma File. Help Please!

I’m trying to understand the process of sharing a Figma project file with another agency that I’m collaborating with.

I’m a sole designer, working on my own professional plan. I don’t want to incur additional editing fees for someone needing to edit or work on my file. So, I want to understand how I can allow someone else the ability to edit or utilize my design without incurring additional costs to me personally.

Is there no ability for someone outside of my plan who has a paid subscription of their own the ability to edit or use my project file without adding them to my account?

How does someone go about sharing a project file without incurring costs personally?

Hey @Mike_Clark, thanks for reaching out!

You can invite guest editors to collaborate on your files, but even if they have a plan of their own, it does not transfer their editor role in their plan to another’s plan.

If you still want this external collaborator to edit your file, they will be billed as such to your plan. However, two weeks before the end of your quarter, we will send you an email asking you to confirm any new editors. This will give you the opportunity to determine who you want to include in your billing. You can then downgrade or remove them as an editor before confirming and being billed for the quarter.