Shared community file cannot be updated

I have a published community file of an icon library that I want to update. However, when clicking Share, the Publish tab just lets me re-publish, not update. Did anyone encounter a similar problem and know what to do?

It is likely that the file you are trying to publish is a copy and not the original file that has already been published.

Try going to your file’s page in the Figma Community, and at the bottom right, find and click on the “Open original file” link.

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately that is not the case. I do indeed have the original open. It also shows as published with the globe icon next to the file name.

In this case, I would recommend that you reload the tab/app/computer, re-login to your account. If that doesn’t help, then submit a bug report to support.

Yeah, it worked now. Seems like it was a temporary thing. Thanks four your help!