Share prototype without sharing whole design file

When I share a prototype with someone, they are able to view the prototype, AND can also view the whole design file if they go to the top menu dropdown and click “Open in Editor”.

Q: How do I share my prototype without user being able to open my design file? [there are prob ways to keep user from editing the file, but that’s not my concern, because I don’t want them able to view the design file it in the first place.

Set the permission to “can view prototypes” in the sharing settings.

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I’m able to share the prototype, that is not the issue. The issue is privacy for my design file, I don’t want my design file to be able to be viewed when I share a prototype. Is there a way to prevent this?

The answer above solves your problem. If you set the permission to “can view prototypes”, you will restrict users to only view prototypes and no one will be able to open and view your design file. Please check out the Help Center article from my post above.

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I’m on the free plan, it does not have the “can view prototypes” option, perhaps that is the professional plan only.

Does this mean that for free plan users there is no way they can share their prototype without sharing their entire file?

Yes, this option is only available on paid plans.

For all the hate XD gets, that’s one thing they are (were?) doing better? You could just create a link for a certain flow, an people would get just the flow in preview mode - no unnecessary elements you do not want to share. It’s mind-boggling that Figma doesn’t have a similar option.

At the moment the safest and simplest way to do it is to have a separate file where you just paste your prototype… :person_facepalming:

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