Setting up multiple 'If' conditions

Would it possible to add more than one ‘if’ condition, similar to what we can do with JavaScript and other programming languages, enabling us to check multiple variables simultaneously? For example, determining which page to navigate to based on the selected radio button.

Yes, of course, you can add multiple conditions.

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I’ve just found a workaround. For anyone who is struggling, you can’t populate the ‘if’ statements within a single condition. You need to create multiple conditions to have more than one ‘if’ statements.

I can get two If statements to work, but not 3. Also, only one of the 2 conditionals can have an else or it breaks.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the interaction details show more than two if statements, and they all work. This means that you may have written the conditions incorrectly.

All existing conditional actions can have an else statement. It’s just that at the moment advanced prototyping is buggy, and, therefore, it can, for example, duplicate actions from one else block to another, or the same variant will be selected in the “Change to” action.

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