"Set variables" with performance impact

Anybody experienced a significant performance issue when using ‘set variable’ function?

I am using it to change the what variant of a component is visible. For example let’s say I have a side menu with 2 menu items on the left and a content instance on the right. When clicking each side menu items, they change a variable called ‘content ID’ to be ‘Page 1’ or ‘Page 2’ respectively. The content instance come from a component with 2 variants, and the property value of the variant is attached to the variable ‘content ID.’

So clicking the menus change variable value (string) and the content instance shows corresponding variant. Yes, working. But it takes a few seconds… which is not really OK. I think it was working smoothly beforehand but at a certain point (highly likely after an update) this started lagging.

Anyhow who has similar experience or knows a solution/work-around?


Came looking to see if anyone else was experiencing this - My complex prototype has become unusable now that every Set Variable interaction takes a few seconds.

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