Set variable value for specific mode


my prototype contains a set of three cards representing three scenarios. Each has a string variable for label, description, type and ID and there is a mode for each scenario. They also all contain two other string variables which can be changed by selecting values from a dropdown, but the same value is shown all three modes.

For some reason those variables can only be changed for the default mode. So I was wondering if I can set them for the other modes somehow?

Or is that not how modes are supposed to be used?


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I am having the same issue. I want to set a variable for a specific mode with a prototype trigger and it doesn’t appear to be possible to select a variable from a mode to set.

You can set the default value to a mode variable value but you can’t select a mode variable to set.

I tried to do the same and can’t find a way for the moment…

I also try to implement some variables from modes in condition etc but you can’t target a variable from a specific mode at the moment :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s not planned in the features improvements for now but let’s trust FIgma and wait for a while :purple_heart:

Same problem, you can set a variable from the current mode to the value in another mode, but can’t set the value in another mode. Boo.

Facing the same issue. I can’t figure out on what conditions can I specify the mode of the variable! So right now even with the same 3 scenario modes, my prototype only allows me to select ‘ExistingPlan’ but I cant specify to change it for a specific mode, so not sure which toggle is being switched or if they’re all being switched.