Set the URL of a link using a property or variable


I’m trying to create an “author credit” component to document a design system. The component has a link to the original resource. All text will be set using component properties.


Is it possible to create a property so the link URL is filled in the instance instead of using overrides?


Hey, I’m having the same issue.
Have you found a solution?


Thanks for the feedback, @diegosanigle!

This currently isn’t possible, but we’ve updated this topic into a feature request and passed it along to our team for future consideration.

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This would be great. I wanted to give my Product Manager a way to mark change log cards with his Jira IDs and have them append to a URL string so the dev’s have a quick click. I know there’s Jira plugins but the ability to link a variable with a Figma link would extend to more uses so it get’s my vote! :grin:

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I’m trying to set up a mockup where a mobile app links out to a webpage and hands over names. An option to link out to variables would be highly desirable!

Yep, need to have links to website for several clients. Any update ?