Set default values for Section padding (left, right, top, bottom) instead of a fixed 80px

Need a way to update padding numbers in sections instead of manually resizing it every time. The current padding of 80px look very small in some cases, hence the request. Or if we have any way to do it today, please let me know.

Hi @Jithendran_N_S, Thank you for reaching out about the padding in a section. I understand that it would be helpful if you could set the default value for that.

I did some testing on my end by creating two identical frames and wrapping them in a new section. The padding around the frames was 100px, and the default value for the [Big Nudge] was set to 10px. It seems like 10x is the expected padding in a frame.

If you are seeing a padding of 80px, you might have your [Big Nudge] set to 8px.
You can check out this help center article for more information:​​Set small and big nudge values

Although I know this isn’t ideal, adjusting the Nudge setting might provide you with a bit more flexibility for the padding.

If you’d like, I can move this post category to “Share an idea.” This will help us plan for future updates, and community members can vote on your suggestion. Just let us know if you agree with this!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! If I got anything wrong, please correct me. And if anyone in our community has any suggestions, feel free to chime in!


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Yea I can see that it takes 10x of the big nudge amount, but still it would be nice to set a default padding for sections.

The reason being, if I am looking at a file where there are 10 sections one below the other at a zoom percentage of 5 to 10% to see the topics of the sections which are Ready for Dev, I need a minimum of 250 to 300 padding inside the sections for it to look legible. At this point, I cannot set the big nudge to 25 or 30 as most of the times I would be using Shift + arrow keys to move the components inside the frame where auto-layouts are not applied.

So, I would be happy if there is a default padding that we can set for sections when we use Command + S to wrap the frames.

Hey @Jithendran_N_S, Thank you for getting back to us and for sharing your detailed reason.

We really appreciate your feedback. In response, I have updated the category of this topic to “Share an idea.”
We are excited to hear what the community thinks! Don’t forget to give it a vote!


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