Set color variables for a Large application? Is that good?

At this time, would it be great to create a color variables for a Large application? Because I think it will lead to a lot of complexity.
Professional guidance on this.

If you are currently using colors as styles, you can convert those to variables and they’ll work the same way when used in components without adding additional complexity.

There could be more complexity if you’re adding semantic level tokens above the color ones. Ex: color.danger being aliased to a token for a specific color of red in your system. But that adds context and guidance to color usage, which is useful when other designers and developers look at what you’ve built.

But if we create a color variable, we must make it from the brand colors variable lsit, and the theme color has to be recalled separately. But when we select the color, we see the brand color list separately, which is very long, and then the theme’s separate list of color variables. And there is always a bit of confusion in selecting the color, so it becomes necessary to tell the team to apply the color from the theme color list, not the Brand color variable list.