Set Auto Variable Mode Default

I created a collection and have Light and Dark modes within. Dark mode is first when looking at it from left to right, and all the auto defaults are in Dark mode. How can I switch this to Light mode?

I don’t see any option for this.


Did you ever find an answer for this?

Unfortunately no. Still annoying I have dark mode as default.

Hey @layercake . I struggled with the same issue and found a way around it. Figma obviously takes as “Default” whichever Mode column comes first in the Varaibles UI. I assume your dark mode comes first then. Solution:

Right click on Dark mode, and make a copy of it via duplicate. Your columns will be then darkmode-lightmode-darkmode(2) . Now delete the first original darkmode and rename the copy to jus Dark mode. Your table will then look like light mode-dark mode. Hence the. default will change to light without loosing any hard work you put in defining the hexcodes.

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