Separate component searching (shift + i) from plugins and widgets

Shift + I used to be one of the most useful shortcuts. Now it opens this dropdown and always defaults to the plugins tab, but they are not as used as much as components. Just make them accessible in a separate manner, please!

Or at least make components the default view and create a shortcut to switch between the three!


I agree! This has really slowed down my workflow!

Same. Boggles my mind when user experience should be an integral part of this program. Adobe did you layoff the UX designers too?

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I found that really annoying too, couldn’t work out why. I did close Figma and reopen, and now it defaults to the Components tab… couldn’t tell you why though… Solved it for me, for now.

Was this an update? I saw some earlier threads on this issue, but the change started yesterday for me.

Most users are constantly hitting this shortcut to bring up components – very weird decision to change the default tab to Plugins.

wtf Figma?! this is killing me! the shortcut still says shift I should be “insert” I need this back immediately!

Also reported here:

Are you all on Macs? It seems one user reports that on Windows they don’t have the problem

Agree, this is an annoyance. I use plugins rarely, but when I do it’s a deliberate choice from the top Plugins menu. I use library components CONSTANTLY. Switching the tab each time is quite a drag.

Agreed, this is a huge irritation! have quit and reopened Figma but this doesn’t seem to change the behaviour as one other user suggested. Mac user.

I’ve started having this problem the last few days as well. I’m on a mac.

MacBook Pro, 14" 2021 M1 Max with MacOS Ventura 13.5
Figma Desktop App version 116.11.1

Shift + I is now really annoying; please change it back to search component fast! I don’t have any interest in finding a new plug-in that much!

This has been such an annoying change! Please change it back; I also hardly ever use plugins and this change isn’t going to encourage me to use them more if that was the intent.

Hi everyone, thank you for reporting this. Our engineers have released a fix for this issue. Please refresh Figma to ensure that you are using the fixed version.

Selecting “Components” in the resources panel will maintain that tab when you close and reopen the resource panel again.

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