Selectively apply string variables to words within a paragraph

Is there any chance to have the ability to selectively apply string variables to specific words within a paragraph? This can change my (professional) life :slight_smile:

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Hi Misha, Thanks for your thought!
I tested on my end and I cannot apply string variables to a specific word within a text layer. :
So, this seems like a feature request for me. I have shared this feedback with our internal team for future consideration, and moved this topic to share an idea for votes!

Thank you!


It’s not the best but I have a found a workaround, you will need to have that word in a different frame and apply auto-layout to simulate the space between words. With that now you can apply the string variable just to that specific word. I hope this helps.

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Thank you! Works well as a one-time lifehack, but I have hundreds of components affected by this issue :slight_smile: