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“Select parent” set own keyboard shortcut

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Basically if I could have the shortcut e.g. CMD+ESCAPE (see video) I would save one big hand move - and that hundreds of times a day … and this is the current experience (video) →

( I also tried the plugin Select parent, but that takes too much time, where the native figma function does the work instantly)

  1. The implementation would take I guess a couple of minutes as you simply have to add this command to the OSX menu. e.g. in the “Edit” section … than I simply could set my shortcut in the Mac OSX keyboard settings

ok, but to create a shortcut I simply need the menu (or how do you do that?). The menu “Select parent” is available in the “Quick actions” but MAC OS is not looking there :man_shrugging: it needs the mac menu to overwrite

Hi Gleb,

make a menu item available so we can change the actually shortcut, otherwise how can we do it? I already use Better Touch Tool for some custom shortcuts, but “Select parent” has to be available in the menu list, so we can set a custom shortcut for it.

Whats interesting is, that this “Select parent” option is available through quick actions.

@illustreet @Atilla_Taskiran you can use BTT to remap Shift + Enter to whatever other keyboard shortcut you like, it doesn’t need the menu action.

@Gleb thanks … will do so, but it is still a workaround … is there actually a reason, why some of the menu items are only available in the figma menu?

I have no way of knowing that as I don’t work for Figma. You can contact support and ask them. :slight_smile: It would be awesome if all possible commands were available in the menu.

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@illustreet perhaps CONTROL + Click can provide a way?

CONTROL + Click on any object in Figma, and you get a contextual menu with all parent elements. Not sure how to script this in Keyboard Maestro, but it is at least pretty quick.

Does CONTROL + Click help you here?