Select matching layers + hidden layers

Select matching layers seems to ignore hidden layers.

I’d love an option (perhaps a checkbox in the settings) to be able to select matching layers whether they’re hidden or not.

Hello @Regi, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Select matching layers! Your feedback is important to us, and I would love to hear more about your thoughts on this.

I might have misunderstood, but when you mention hidden layers, are you referring to invisible layers? If so, it appears that I am able to select invisible layers by clicking the Select matching layers icon, just as I can with visible layers.

Please do let me know if I missed anything! I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Also, if any other community members have insights on this topic, please feel free to join the conversation!


Hi, thanks for your response. Perhaps I’m missing something here also :confused:

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Thank you so much @Regi for taking the time to share this video. I was able to replicate this behavior!

I think this idea will also be helpful to other community members.
We’d love to see the reaction of other members in the community.

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