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Seeing strange lines all over my prototypes in play mode but not in editors mode

When playing a prototype I’m seeing strange lines all over the prototypes.
They are not exported in PDF and I can’t see them in editors mode.
Only when I play (preview) prototypes.

Please help

@Katsiaryna_Silva can you share a link to the file by chance? Hard to tell what exactly is happening in your screenshots. Is the top window Microsoft Paint?

Hi Josh I can’t share a link here, restricted. Can you please give me your email address

Josh yes the top of the window is a Microsoft paint.
I have this weird line on every single frame in the same spot.

There’s a line that comes across the screen when i try to play the prototype when I’m designing for a laptop. Is it because the screen size is bigger than my screen size? This is what it looks like when i use the normal desktop frame

Thanks. Priyal. I realized that too. Even though in chrome it sat to 100%. Also it didn’t happen in Edge browser for example. It now it’s no longer happening.