Scrolling within a frame while in design mode

I often find myself designing complex tools where parts of a design need to be scrollable. It’s all fun and games until I fill the frame and start designing content outside the visible area. Clip content kicks inn, and I need to temporarily disable Clip content on my frames to allow me to see what I’m doing.

Is there a way for me to scroll to the part I need to edit without disableing Clip content from the frame and parent frames?

I’d make my design frame big enough to accommodate everything I need without clipping. Then make it a component and have smaller version somewhere aside so I can keep an eye on smaller version

That’s a good idea, while still being a workaround in my opinion.

I found a suggestion / feature request from someone else and gave it my vote, but I don’t get why we can’t, like, Alt+scroll or something over the respective frame to scroll inside it while editing. Maybe one day …

Anyways, thank you for a good tip!