Scroll To function isn't working on my prototype?

I’ve created an auto layout component that includes an accordion menu and a form. There is an “Apply Now” Button in the accordion menu that I would like to scroll to the Job Application Form section on the same page. This doesn’t seem to be working when the component is placed into a frame. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting! I tried to reproduce the behavior on my end with my simple frames, it seems working as attached. Would you be able to share your environment like OS, Figma app or browser, only on your environment etc. ? Also, if you can share the screen recording with the layer panel, that would also be appreciated to test it out.


Would it be helpful if I just provide the link?

Thanks! Yes, that’d be definitely helpful. If you prefer ‌direct support, I mean not here in public, you can reach out to our team via this form: