Scale tool: scale multiple objects individually

When having multiple objects selected an applying a scale, currently the scale direction use the collective bounding box as the reference. This treats all selected objects as one entity and scales all aspects of it, including spacing. This is often not what I am looking for when using the scale tool.

With “scale each” every selected object would scale using their respective bounding box as reference for scale direction. Meaning you apply the same scaling to all objects without having to select them and apply scaling individually as of today.

This is also a behavior that I am looking for (coming from AI). I even found it in Inkscape but not here. This would allow to maintain the position of objects and rescale all of them to the same factor.

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Heavy plus. It would be really helpful.

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@Viktor_Lanneld Here you go, this plugin will let you “scale each” from their centre.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.

Thanks, that is the behaviour I want! Just wished it was a built in feature to the scale tool, like a checkbox in the scale tool panel.

Agreed. The way Figma’s scale tool works with multiple objects is just so dumb. Especially if your objects aren’t in a straight line: then it’s unusable.

Here I have 4 unframed rectangles that are 50x50 and I want to make them 100x100. Look how stupid this is!


If I wanted to treat multiple objects as a single entity, wouldn’t they already be in a frame of their own?

There’s a nice plugin called “Scale” which works the way Figma’s is probably supposed to: scale by percent, width, or height and set the scale center as well. Scales each one individually. Looks like this.


I only wish it had an option to stay open.

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