Save comment sort order preference

I’m often reviewing 30+ comments when I start each day. I filter the comments by unread and start at the top. But as soon as I click on the comment, it gets moved down under the unread comments so I have to scroll ALL THE WAY back up. This takes 10-15 seconds for each comment (sometimes lots of comments and sometimes Figma is slow).

SOLUTION: Figma should only mark the current comment as unread when the NEXT comment in the comment page is clicked. 02.10.2022-08.26.50

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When sorting comments by unread, the new unread comment should be displayed in the preview instead of the original comment in the thread.

At the moment a new comment is indicated by a blue dot but it still shows the first/original comment in that thread and not the latest comment that you are actually looking for.

This makes it confusing to find what you haven’t read and to find the comment again later. It should always show the latest comment in the thread preview and not the first/original one when sorting by unread at least.

Preferably a setting to always show latest would be great as well.

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I’m working on a comment-heavy file which currently has 192 comments and gets about five to ten new comments daily. To stay on top of things I use “Sort by unread“ in the comment panel. However, this preferred order gets reset every time I close the file to “Sort by date“.

I’d be great if my comment viewing preferences would be kept (on a file basis).

I work with multiple files open every day, and I always want the comments to be sorted by unread, so that I can stay on top of things. However, Figma doesn’t remember my preference and keeps resetting it when the window is closed etc. This means I have to manually go and change the settings indiviudally for ALL these files every day. It would be great if my preference could just be saved.

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