Running waitForTask in one node ends tasks in other nodes

Hello! I’m creating a widget where each node makes a network request using waitForTask.

The normal set up for our widget is that multiple nodes exist on the canvas, and each can make long-running web requests via waitForTask. However, we are running into a problem where when one node starts a waitForTask task, any waitForTask tasks that any other node is running is stopped.

How can each widget node run a waitForTask task independent of each other?

Hey @Izu! Only one widget can run at a time (per session) which is why the others are being stopped prematurely while waitForTask is executing. Depending on what you are doing, there might be some approaches to making this experience better.

Thank you fro the quick reply @jak_e!

We are streaming results from OpenAI GPT-4. We’d like multiple widget nodes to be able to stream results concurrently.

What other approaches exist?

the current session only allows one plugin or widget to be running at a time. it is worth clarifying that in multiplayer, multiple people can use widgets simultaneously, but only one per person. if you were to have widgets that were chat gpt prompt inputs for example, everyone in the file could use the widget at the same time.

dont know exactly what your use case is, but the recommendation is to either put multiple requests in a single process or to wait between requests.

strategies for ways to do this depends on exactly what youre doing.