Run into "File out of memory" while resolving conflicts

Folks running into the same issue, has anyone found a resolution to this?

Keeping this thread alive, I have been receiving team reports of this problem and would like to know how to proceed

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Same here. I have a branch I’m trying to merge into the main file, and I keep getting this error message. Distributed teams all have the main file bookmarked and this is going to cause issues if they need to remap, lose comment history, etc.

Is there a workaround for getting my branch changes into the main file? Sounds like branches are not safe to use?

This won’t work for every branching situation, but I was just able to get around an 80+ conflict merge that was throwing this memory error. Instead of going through each conflict individually, I hit the “Resolve All” option and picked one branch to use for all the changes. It merged quickly with no memory warnings.

+1 - been running into this issue for months at this point. Might have to resort to saving each version into a new branch. Can’t even merge to main.

I just wanted to say I just ran into this too - I was able to find a way around it by identifying a page that needed to be deleted to get the file in sync with main, but both files were originally at 20-25% of usage, so having this come up during the merge was definitely a surprise.