Rotation arrows need keyboard shortcut

When wanting to rotate an object or vector art the rotation arrows won’t just show up on one of the corners of the item I want to rotate. Sometimes the rotation arrows easily pop up, sometimes it flashes between rotate and resize arrows, and occasionally I am never given the rotation arrows at all on an object I know I can rotate. It’s super frustrating and time consuming to continue to retry to get the tool I need to magically appear. There should be a right click or keyboard shortcut to access rotation when needed and not have to quickly catch it before it flashes away. My example, Im using some line art I found in the community I copy and paste the image then resize and rotate (that was easy) but then I paste the same image a second time because I want to use it again in the same frame in a different spot but this time the art will only let me resize it. I literally never get the rotation arrows on this image but I was able to rotate the same image just moments ago and I can rotate the original image from the community. I continue to float my mouse around the image hoping the rotate arrows will appear but they never do. Now I can’t rotate my image to fit where I want it to in my frame- how frustrating.

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