Right Click and Double Click triggers for prototypes

I’m definitely missing right click and double click interactions in Figma prototypes. I was used to do that in Axure, but our company started using Figma and honestly I’m a bit frustrated as it’s not possible yet.

I agree! I totally need a right-click option that I can use in addition to my left click triggers. I need to fire up some context menus on my mocs in addition to having the left-click interactions to work.

I’d like to open up context menus within a frame via Right Mouse Click. Unfortunately the prototype functions does not allow me to do that. My current workaround is to apply a key instead of a mouseclick. But when it comes to user testing, this is not really helpful.

It would be great if this can be added to the list.


I just found a need for this too. In fact, I’d love to have support for:

  • an explicit right-click
  • cmd+click
  • multi-key commands/shortcuts

Same here. I work on software and always have a need for this. Keep having to switch to Axure when a concept relies on context menu.

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I Agree! I’ve been needing context menu triggers in my mocs.

Agreeing with all of the above. Double Click would be a great start.

Would be greatly appreciated to have the ability of right click in prototypes!

Double click FTW +1 !