REST API Variables

Hello there,

A tricky one: Is it intentional that when I use the GET /v1/files/:file_key/variables/local API I can get a response that contains an alias pointing to a variable that is not part of the response itself?

        "valuesByMode": {
          "XXXX:X": {
            "type": "VARIABLE_ALIAS",
            "id": "VariableID:XXXXX/XXXX:XXX" //<- This id is nowhere else mentioned in the response.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! I’m checking with our internal team, and I’ll update if I have anything I can share with you. Thanks for your patience!


Hi there,

Thanks for waiting! As I asked our internal team, they think they hope to access your file so they can investigate deeply. Could you please file a case via the form here: The support team will look into it.

Thanks for your understanding!



I have to double check the confidentiality of the files but I will try.