REST API TextNode TypeStyle does not include hyperlink

I have been using the characterStyleOverrides and styleOverrideTable properties to find hyperlinks on Text Nodes for several months.

Out of nowhere today, hyperlinks are no longer consistently being returned in the response from the GET /v1/files/:key/nodes REST endpoint. I am able to reproduce this across several text nodes and files.


We are also seeing this - it seems to only affect newly created links. Links that were created > ~2weeks ago are still working as expected. Could this be related to the text style overrides changes that were released on 6/20?

UPDATE: after further investigation, this issues seems to specifically affect text nodes that are attached to Figma’s typography styles. Here are steps to reproduce:

  1. Start with a text node that is attached to Figma typography styles and contains a link
  2. GET /files/:id/nodes REST API for the text node does not contain the hyperlink in any object the styleOverrideTable array
  3. Duplicate the text node
  4. Detach the Figma typography styles
  5. GET /files/:id/nodes REST API now returns the hyperlink in the right object in the styleOverrideTable array