Responsive image gallery using Auto Layout?

Can I achieve this responsive effect in Figma in project mode and then show it to the client in a prototype?

Example: Responsive image gallery

Using the autolayout wrap feature images in the gallery always remain the same size, meanwhile I need an effect in which all images enlarge or shrink depending on their number on the screen and the screen width.

I’ve been struggling with creating a fully responsive image gallery for several days and I’m starting to doubt whether it’s even possible in Figma.
I would be very grateful for your help in clarifying this problem.

I am aware of the additional problem of maintaining the images aspect ratio, but I’ve already found a solution using the Ratios plugin.

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Hi Kacsper,
Here an article how to create a responsive card with auto layout and constraints that may help you:

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Thank you. It’s not perfect, but close enough to show the idea to clients.

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