Resource Recommendations - App templates/resources for app with scrollable map feature?


I’m new to Figma and trying to learn this new skill.

Watching tutorials on Youtube, they say before making your own project, you should search resources for similar prototypes to see how they are set up.

In future I’d like to develop an app where users will perform searches for a range of parameters. The search will then present the user with a scrollable, interactive map where icons will pop up that match the search and provide dropdowns when selected. The App would first be made for desktop, then later, mobile and tablets.

Once I’m up to speed I was planning on using Map Maker for Figma or Figma with Google Maps API to incorporate interactive maps into my designs.

The problem is I’m finding it hard to find a comprehensive Resource to look at as my starting point.

When I search I find things like:

  • Maps
  • Interactive Maps
  • Google Maps UI
  • Navigation Map
  • GPS

None of the results seem to have any frames. In the Youtube Tutorials they are looking up more common apps like “Food Delivery” etc and the search results give them built-out prototype templates/screen flowcharts, but I’m struggling to find one with a similar function/theme to my concept.

If anyone can please provide me with advice on any of the following that would be great:

  • Links to Resources that may be useful for me.
  • Advice on how to better refine my search
  • Tell me if I should give up on searching
  • Tell me if I’ve missed something
  • Let me know if there’s any paid options for me to access a suitable prototype template.

Any assistance would be great, thanks!

If anyone can please tell me if I’m missing something or point me in the direction of some free or paid prototype templates in the style I described that I could study, that would be a huge help, thanks.

Hey @Liam_Collins, glad to hear you’re interested in learning to work with Figma! Your app idea sounds exciting, good luck with it!

I think I won’t be able to give advice on all these points, however, I am happy to help where I can. And community members can also step in and leave you their personal tips.

To confirm are you searching for finished prototype templates and what exactly are you meaning by “None of the results seem to have any frames.”? I’ve found this template as an example.

Not sure if you’ve already discovered this but you can filter your search by prototype when you click on the category ‘Files + Templates’.

I’ve found this YouTube video where you can download a Figma file which you can import and try out to build the prototype yourself. Here is another Youtube Video where the creator builds an Interactive Maps with Variable’s. They’re using screen shots from google to build it.

Please let me know if my suggestions are any help, happy to help you further with the search!