Resizing Variable Box

Hi everyone
When i’m using variable box, this box have flexible height.
If i select a variable category with much variable, this box resize to max size
and after that when i want to click on another category with less variable, suddenly box resize to min height and this height change is annoying.
Please make fix variable box height and give resize option.

Thanks for the feedback about the Variable feature, @Pouriya_Rezaie ! We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

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Was just about to make a post about this. It’s really annoying.

There’s no way for me to tell what variable or style I’m looking at when it gets truncated. Either allowing me to resize the panel, a tooltip on hover that shows the full name, a setting somewhere that allows text wrapping, or some other solution.

It’s very frustrating as I’m trying to remap some colors and I have to make an educated guess or am forced to change naming convention to something shorter.


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