Resizing/Scaling for Widgets

ok im embarassed to ask this
but can i scale a widget?

i found a widget i really like - i want to use it
but its really small and doesnt fit my design frame

i hit K for scale but its not doing anything
am i really dumb - or is it just widgets dont scale??

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That’s right, Figma/FigJam doesn’t allow you to scale widgets manually. The only way is to contact the widget developer and suggest adding a resizing feature.

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Dang, thats too bad! There are a few widgets that could improve from scaling. I’m not a developer/coder at all so this might also be a dumb question…but is it possible to build a widget…that scales widgets?

Neither plugins nor widgets can scale other widgets.

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Thanks for clarifying!


is there any way to enable resizing for Figma Widgets like you can with Regular Figma Nodes?
I would like to use the width and height of an widget for further logic inside one of my plugin.



I aslo came across this question, it would be great if we could allow users to resize widgets…


I too think they should be resizable or, at least, one could opt for a fixed or responsive layout :slight_smile:

+1 for resizing widgets

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i just started using figma and widgets not being resizeble is furastrating

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I agree. This definitely needs to be an option.

For a design tool, unable to resize is just embarrasing! You want design? but can’t resize? what kind of design can be done without properly sizing?? lol

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It’s February 2024, is the resizing feature still not available? Seems to embarrassing to ask but why did someone develop widgets but don’t allow resizing? Is there some technical reason?


+1 it’s frustrating

I vote for the ability to resize widgets. This is my first day on FigJam and already losing interest in widgets due to this problem.