Resizing frame with elements' constraints set to "scale", without stretching them?

I’m making a slider that has four positions.
I would like the slider “dots” and blue slider bar to scale with the width of the frame, so that I can make shorter slider bars.
but when I try to do this by setting those objects to “scale” in the constraints tab, I get squished slider dots.
Is there a way to use “scale” constrain only to move the object, without scaling it’s dimensions?

A similar question was asked here, but I’m not sure they are explaining the same issue, so I thought I’d explain the issue in more detail. Thanks!

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fluid progress thing

This approach is a bit different, and there may be others.

I created four frames with a line and circle:

  • Circle: “Right”
  • Line: “Left and right”

And all four are wrapped in an auto layout container:

  • Each child frame in the auto layout container: “Fill”
  • First on top
  • Spacing is -2 to cover the gap

Or do it without the line, just a frame and circle.

I was trying to solve the same problem. In the end I put each of the objects (in your case the blue circles) into an extra frame. I made those frames scale with their parent frame, but the original circles are not set to scale. And the bar underneath the dots can just be set to resize left and right to the same parent frame. It’s a bit faffy, but I hope that helps!