Resizing frame with elements' constraints set to "scale", without stretching them?

I’m making a slider that has four positions.
I would like the slider “dots” and blue slider bar to scale with the width of the frame, so that I can make shorter slider bars.
but when I try to do this by setting those objects to “scale” in the constraints tab, I get squished slider dots.
Is there a way to use “scale” constrain only to move the object, without scaling it’s dimensions?

A similar question was asked here, but I’m not sure they are explaining the same issue, so I thought I’d explain the issue in more detail. Thanks!

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fluid progress thing

This approach is a bit different, and there may be others.

I created four frames with a line and circle:

  • Circle: “Right”
  • Line: “Left and right”

And all four are wrapped in an auto layout container:

  • Each child frame in the auto layout container: “Fill”
  • First on top
  • Spacing is -2 to cover the gap

Or do it without the line, just a frame and circle.