Resizing an auto-layout and constraints set up elements without stretching on corner radius?

Dear Figma Community,

I tried to find out if there is a solution to make the corner radius on the connector (that has auto-layout with constraints setup) without being stretching when resizing it?

The goal of creating this connector is to turn it into a component so that it won’t get break regardless how much larger or smaller you stretch it.

Any one has solution for it? Thank you!!

:link: File link
:bulb:Side note, I’ve reference to the solution from this post, but it will break the connector right away.

Hey Rosie, so I’ve actually investigated this internally. Our technical quality team helped me out here. This is the response I got from them:

"It seems they’re seeing a discrepancy because the black line with the 8 corner radius has a width of 7. So while it is set to 8 we are displaying a corner radius of 7. Similarly, if they keep increasing the value to anything else >7 it will still show the same way.If they change the width to 8 or any value >8 it should match!

The corner radius shown on the canvas is the expected/correct maximum corner radius value allowed for your object. However, there’s a limitation that we let you input values greater than the maximum allowed corner radius (given your object’s dimensions) in the input field and this results in cases where the value shown in the input field does not match the radius value you see visually on the canvas."

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much @Gayani_S and going extra mile to do internally investigation. I have been searching for a way to make it work. It’s good to know the logics behind it!!