Request for list view option in Teams overview and search and sort options

We recently switched from professional to the organizational account. Now I’m busy setting up the teams and projects. Now we are faced with the problem that the overview of the teams is becoming very cluttered. Figma now only offers a grid view. Here we are actually missing a list view option. In addition, it is also useful if we have a search and sorting functionality.
We have created 35 teams to divide our work. Our organization makes various software products, but we also make custom software for customers. The number of teams created makes the All teams page very cluttered.

Hello Vincent, thank you for your feedback! I’ll pass this along to the teams for consideration. Also, please don’t forget to upvote your feature request.

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Highly requested from our side as well!
We have several thousand accounts and dozens of workspaces hundreds of teams.

This request is something that would make my life easier as well.

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