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Remove White or transparent background in Figma

Hi , Could you any one tell me short cut key or process to remove white background or transparent cells to get only image in Figma . Hope you understand the my problem .

ex img attached .

Thanks in advance

Menu ⟩ Object ⟩ Remove fill
Mac: Opt + /
Windows: Alt + /

Hi tank, Thanks for your replay . After pressing shortcut key or Remove fill then image also invisible . Tried with this attached image and different images same result losing imaes also completely .

Do you want to remove the background from the image? Then you can use a mask or plugins, for example, Remove BG.

Hi again , Thanks for response . May i know how can you remove the bg in attached image. You given good plugin but in designeing that plug in pricing very high even in learning .

I do not see your attached image.

Figma also has a global search where you can find any other plugins for removing backgrounds from images.

Hi , I am attaching images links here, Actually removing bg for this kind of very easy but i forgot how to do that . If i paste below images i can see these bg white or transparent cells .

thanks in advance.


Perfect , thanks for sharing