Remove all "Click: none"

Hello Figma Team,
I wanted to share a suggestion for improving the user experience in Figma.

On several occasions, I have come across “Click: none” events that are quite annoying. My proposal is for Figma to automatically detect and remove these empty events, especially since when trying to create a link, it sometimes detects this event and switches it directly to the drag event. This problem has caused some prototypes to not work correctly when launched.

If it is not possible to automatically remove the “Click: none” events, it would at least be very useful to be able to change the events directly from the drop-down menu. Currently, I always have to clear the “Click: none” event before I can make any changes, which is somewhat tedious.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to seeing this change implemented.

Best regards!

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Hey Andrés,
Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback on Prototype! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration and monitor votes for overall interest from the community.

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Thanks to you for paying attention to my proposal, I hope this can be in your “Little Big Updates” soon!

Strong +1 on this; surprised it hasn’t got more attention. Very frustrating that empty click events are not overridden by the standard click and drag prototyping functionality. Instead, they remain and drag events are created instead. If I drag to make a prototype link and the click event is empty please just add it there a do not create an additional drag event.