Recursive permissions in the different Figma levels

Hello everyone, I’m an admin of a Figma organization. How does one’s permission in a team affect the permissions in a project inside that team? For example, if I have a given user with “Can view” permission in a team and in a project inside that team I go to the share modal and there’s “Members at Envision can edit”, is the user supposed to inherit the permission of the team (and only view the files in the project), or will the user “forget” the team permission and gain the editor permission given in the project?

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Hey @Mariana - the short answer is that the file/project permission will always supersede the team permission setting, but only for the specific file/project you’ve individually set to be editable by those in the organization.

So if you have every member at Envision able to view only in a specific team, but then share a specific file/project nested within that team to where anyone at Envision can edit then everyone at the org will be able to edit that file. All other files will still remain view only.

Hope that helps - let me know if you need further clarification.

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