Randomizing Variables

I would love to see a feature that lets users assign objects to a random variable (selected from a set of your choosing). This would open up the door to so many interesting expressions, new functionality, and more realistic prototypes (or maybe even full apps).

I asked the Figma support team about it, but as of right now it doesn’t look like the feature is being worked on. Is this a feature anyone could make huge us of, or just me?


Yes i need this. on load set bg to a random colour or style using variables

+1 for random variables!

I could use this too. I’m prototyping an order pad where it calculates the total inventory available and I’ve been using the random number generator plug in which works great. However, the two modes I have on this project are for B2C vs B2B. I use text string variables for both, so when a B2C user is viewing, they only see inventory as “In Stock” but when a B2B user is viewing, they would see their inventory as a random number like “833”.

It seems I can’t use the random number generator and still retain the functionality of my string variables and B2C/B2B modes.

In my use case, I would like to have something like:
|Name | Mode: B2B | Mode: B2C|

|String variable: inventory-out-of-stock | 0 | Out of Stock|
|String variable: inventory-in-stock | (random number from 1-999) | In Stock|

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