Questions about dev mode

This is a question regarding the dev mode, which will be available for a fee starting next year. Can viewers invited by paid members see it? Does everyone have to be a paid member to view dev mode?

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Thanks for the post! With a viewer seat, you’ll still be able to collaborate and access the information needed to translate designs. Viewers can and will still be able to access and interact with design files from view-only design mode where they can view measurements and property values, copy CSS, iOS, and Android code, export assets and comment on files and collaborate via cursor chat.

You can learn more in this article:

Toku (Japanese is also available :slight_smile: )

Hi Toku san, thank you for your guidance!

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Hi, I also have a question. When reading the link you sent ( I noticed that the Viewer can:

  • View measurements and property values
  • Copy CSS, iOS, and Android code

And a Dev seat would have access to:

  • Access Dev Mode to navigate and inspect files

If the Dev seat is what gives access to the Dev Mode, and the inspection panel was moved to the Dev Mode, how is a Viewer able to see the information that is present in it? Because the Properties panel in the Design Mode gives only size and position, no CSS code or other inspections from the late inspection mode.

Hi @CamilaB,

Sorry for the late reply!

The red line measurements, you will just need to hold down the Opt/Alt key outside of Dev Mode. The CSS code is available from the canvas context menu in design mode.

I hope it helps!


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Thanks for the reply @y_toku,

It is rather unfortunate that the inspection of elements as it was before will be moved to the Dev panel. I am trying to convince my company to change from Sketch + Zeplin to Figma and my only leverage was cost. Removing the inspection panel from the free view-only account will make the change unviable as the company will prefer to continue using Zeplin for handoffs.

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Thanks for your feedback. I will keep sharing customer’s voice with the internal team. I really appreciate it.

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Another question on dev mode and the licence.

Will you have the same behavior as the FigJam / Figma full access period to validate the licence?

Hi @Sebastien_Louap1,

Thanks for the question. Users with full Design seats (formerly called Editors) can continue using Dev Mode without interruption. You can get more information from this article:


I don’t see any information about the pricing method.
In Figma there is a period (every 3 month) when you have the check where you validate the new seat for your organization.

It allows flexibility or to have a licence ponctual need for a partner that we can remove after that week without impacting the full org pricing.

Will it be the same for dev licenses?

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My team is in complete confusion as to why they lost the old redlines/inspect feature. The holding opt model is not nearly the same as the one we’ve had forever. Hiding that behind a paywall for the same cost as a design seat now is really unbelievable. There is absolutely nothing in dev mode that anyone on my team needs. We just need the old redlines the way they worked before this feature. Please don’t make me 10x the cost of our account for one feature that worked great for years.