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Prototyping variables

A set of predefined variables and an option to create custom ones. This would allow us to create more dynamic and interactive prototypes without that much spaghetti hell we have going on right now :slight_smile:
Example: How to use Formulas | Docs | Learn | ProtoPie


Hey @Pavels_Amosovs isn’t this very similar to the upcoming feature of interactive components?


Upvoted this. This is the one thing I miss from Axure. I’d even be keen on having an interaction trigger a plugins API code snippet (so plugin code you could trigger from the prototype vs. the editor).


Not exactly, the upcoming feature is a different approach how to solve the same problem. It would be nice to allow designers to code their own interactions vs. using the UI (drag and drop in our case).

Came here to make the same suggestion. As an example, would love to be able to set a variable for subscription status and have my prototype react/display differently depending on the value.