Prototyping: Text Properties of first Child component overwriting subsequent components

I have a prototype that relies on a variable to set the instance of a component using a variable value as a property. Like Step = “Engine” and there is an instance of the component where it is called “Engine”

When I use this technique, there is a button as a child component in each instance with specific text. Example the button text “Next Step: Engine.” Clicking that button sets the variable “Step”. That button’s text is also using Text Property.

When it click the button “Next Step: Engine” it sets a new variable Step. This is all working great but as I go through all my step components it overrides the text of each button with whatever the first instance of the component was.

Hi there,

Thank you for your post. It sounds like you’re running into an issue where instances with the same Main component all end up with the same text, as you described. Is my understanding correct?

While I know it may not be the best solution, a potential workaround at this point could be ‌to use different variables for each instance.

If I misunderstand or miss any points, please feel free to let us know.