Prototyping links not working


I am trying to use prototyping and I’m having a multitude of problems. But i’ll focus on 2

  1. When I have an element prototyped it currently won’t follow the action I have asked it to do. It simply flashes all the prototyped elements blue on the page. I have had this before and it seems like a bug but it makes protoptyping unusable

  2. I tried to see if that problem was PC bound but I can’t mirror. I select a top level frame as requested, (it’s the start of a flow), but nothing happens.

Please help :face_exhaling:
Prototype link

Many thanks


Hi ya

Both are fixed now

  1. Figma assigned “on Drag” to all elements instead of “on click” for some reason
  2. Seemed like Figma was just lagging. Once I had logged into a previous project and used that then the project I was working on allowed me to mirror.
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Hi Adam53,
Thanks for the update, and glad it’s been fixed now!