Prototyping Limits: Nested Interactive Component Interactions

Hi. I came up with a limitation when I did prototyping.
It seems impossible to have two animations/interactions occur simultaneously from a nested interactive component. As an example:

  1. I created a button component named “Button A” with a hover action. If a cursor hovers on Button A, it’ll change color from red to blue.
  2. I created another component with Button A in it named “Position” with an after-delay action. The animation starts automatically and moves Button A from x=0 to x=100.
  3. But, when I play the prototype, only the Position’s animation occurs and whenever a cursor hovers over the moving Button A, the initial Button A’s action (change color) couldn’t happen. Just Button A moves from x=0 to x=100. It’s also still the same if Button A was set with after-delay, click, or other action.

So, my idea for it is this:

When the Position’s action/animation occurs, the initial action of Button A could also occur at the same time.

Hope my explanation is clear :smiley:

Hello there

Have you tried it with other actions such as click ( for position ) to see the result?

It might be the after delay, 2 actions precisely at the same time? I’m not sure if it’s possible

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