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Prototyping in Figma Mirror: hiding hotspot hints

Hi, Figma team!

I’m a UX researcher and in our team we usually test designs on real users by giving them a prototype. However, there is a small problem (especially during the findability tests of one or another button/element) - when users tap on the wrong button/element, Figma prototypes show hotspot hints in mobile version, i.e. Figma Mirror by highlighting the clickable elements, which totally ruins the essence of the test.

So, it would be great if we, as designers and researchers, could optionally switch on/off this hotspot hint feature.

I really hope this small yet very significant change will be available soon :wink: Thank you in advance!


Hi there!

Totally agree with Aimira. While you’re starting to run UX tests, an ability to hide tap area would be great feature for all of designers and researchers.


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Already possible from the top right menu in the web prototype viewer

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Hi, Bertrand!

Thanks a lot for your reply! However, I’m not sure if this applies to the mobile prototype versions, i.e. Figma Mirror. I know this feature is available in the beta version of Figma mobile, but it’s still not available in Figma Mirror yet.

But our UX team will try to, maybe, turn off the hotspot in the web version and see if it translates to the mobile version as well. Thanks once again!

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