Prototypes and files doesn't work in Android app

Hello everyone! When I’m launching a prototype in Android Figma app, I’m getting errror during the loading:
A system error has occurred. The Figma app may no longer function as expected. Please restart app to continue.
What am I supposed to do with that?
Android 10, Figma app last version.


I am also facing this same issues

I am also got the same error

Thank you for the updates. I am also getting this type of error

Sorry for the trouble!

Does updating your System WebView on your device and reinstalling the Figma app resolve the issue?

If not, can you please share your Android phone’s specs? (make, model, and OS version, etc.)

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it worked for me! thak you!

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I have the same error. I’m using Huawei P60 Pro. The system webview implementation is Huawei webview. I installed Android webview but cannot change the system webview implementation from huawei custom one to the Android system webview.