Hi everyone. I am veryyyy new to this and find myself needing help. I am trying to create a prototype following instructions given but its not working. When I change my screen to prototype it does not change the circles to connecting circles but radius circles! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! My name is Tabitha my email is []
I can provide a screenshot so if that will help.

let me know if this is helpful at all


Thank you so much! Will do!! :pray:t5:

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Hi @Tabitha_Johnson,

By clicking on the Prototype tab in the right sidebar you can switch to prototype mode. Only in the prototype mode, you can create connections between frames so users can navigate the prototype, like a real application.

More information to how to create a prototype here:

Feel free to share screenshots, if you still run into any issues.

Thank you so much! I have it working now! Now to make it work backwards! Thanks again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: