Prototype: Multiple options of connecting the same component and it opens different Overlay

I have a button and depending of user case it must open 2 or 3 different overlays. I would like to connect the same element that should lead to different overlay (with option “Open random” it might be applied on Prototype)

Hi @Daniel_Revenco1, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Open overlay! I understand the value this could bring, and I appreciate your suggestion.

While “Open random” for Open overlay is currently a feature request, I wanted to mention that if you are on a paid plan, you have the option to use conditionals to open different overlays from an instance. This can provide some flexibility to the prototype.

For more details on using conditionals, you can refer to this article: Multiple actions and conditionals
I hope this information proves helpful to you. Let’s wait and see the reaction from the community together.

If any other community member has further insights, ideas, or comments on this topic, please feel free to jump in!

Thank you once again for your contribution.