Prototype link removing "hide Figma UI" settings

Hello, I have forwarded a domain URL to my Figma prototype link. However for some reason it removes the part of the prototype link which hides the Figma UI. It keeps other settings such as “Hide Hotspots”.

Anyone else had this issue?
Thanks, Sarah

Hi @Sarah_Dunleavy, Thank you for reaching out about the prototype sharing link. We totally understand the importance of sharing prototypes without displaying the Figma UI.

If I understand correctly, you’re wondering why the URL parameters [&show-proto-sidebar=1] will be removed when forwarding from a domain, correct?

While I would love to provide more assistance, I couldn’t find any helpful materials related to this specific behavior in our internal resources. However, I believe other members of our community might have faced similar challenges.

We would greatly appreciate hearing from fellow community members who might have insights or suggestions on this matter. Together, we can find a solution!