Prototype Link Expires Randomly

Hello Friends,

This is my second project with Figma and I have an issue.

In the first project, my prototype links worked perfectly! The client could view the prototypes without needing to log in, and they loved the experience.

In the second project, my prototype links expire randomly for some reason.

I click ‘Share’, select ‘Anyone with the link can view’.
Click ‘Options’, deselect ‘Show Figma UI’.
Then ‘Copy Sharing Link’, and paste it to the browser.

It works perfectly. But in a while, it stops working and shows the ‘you don’t have permission’ message.

Is this some kind of bug or am I missing something?

Thank you!

This turned out to be the weirdest bug I have ever experienced, and apparently it’s not related to Figma :slight_smile:

When I copy the link from Figma and paste it into a specific word in Mac Mail (e.g. click here), it requires login and the prototype won’t open. (This used to work in the past…)

When I copy the link from Figma and paste it directly into the e-mail body (as the full URL), it works flawlessly!

If I’m the one in 8 billion people, great. Otherwise, feel free to use this workaround before going insane! :wink: