Prototype extremely laggy despite low memory usage

Hi there,

Today after adding an overlay interaction to the prototype of a client’s project for demos, I noticed that the prototype got very laggy despite working just fine yesterday. The client had the same issue and I checked the memory usage which was very low and tried pasting the prototype to a new file. Despite improving the speed a little, the prototype starts to get laggy after a while.

Also, I tested a larger project with high memory usage and the prototype was working as it should, so it doesn’t seem like a server issue either.

Is anyone else experiencing this today, or have any idea of what can I do to solve this?

@Jessica_Reboucas1 thank you for bringing this to our attention. We didn’t have any ongoing issues with Prototype, but are you still experiencing the performance issue?

Several factors can contribute to low performance, such as a heavy file, internet connection, and the use of the ‘Multiply’ blend mode, among others. If you’re unfamiliar with blend modes, you can learn more here:

If blend mode applies to your situation, a possible quick fix could be to change the blend mode to ‘Normal’ or ‘Pass Through’, although I understand that simplifying the design might not be the best for you.

If the issue continues, could you please share the file link with access from This won’t affect your billing. We’re happy to look into this for you.


My team is having similar issues. We were thinking it could be file size, but also still in the low memory usage range. Definitely not internet connection as we have designers in multiple locations all having the same lag. Only thing that has helped at all is “faking” overlays by just using “navigate to” interaction and then connecting it to a duplicate page that has the dialog manually placed on top.

Definitely not ideal - but it worked enough for us to get through a presentation without looking like we dont know how to prototype.

Thanks for replying, yes we’re still experiencing this issue.
I wouldn’t consider the internet connection since me and my client both are experiencing it from different countries but I’d say the prototype interactions itself are quite heavy since I was asked to make all tasks as similar as possible to actual usage for demos, yet the prototype worked just fine till Monday (and memory usage’s still low). I haven’t applied any blend mode to the images in this file either.

I already contacted support and shared the access but it’s still ongoing.

Thanks for sharing and reaching out to our support team. I hope they will give you the solution. - Toku

Same troubles here, is Figma diyng in 2024 ?